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Slope of trapezoidal side walls provide evenly traction, surface finish provides better grip with rollers and more traction. The optimized gear profile reduces heat overlay and bending stress.   They are made of materials resistant strain, resistant to abrasion and high impact loads, with reinforced cord and protective coating against abrasion. Trapezoidal belts Serrated belts Timing belts Timing belt is a flat belt with longitudinal V-shaped channels, which have designed to increase traction. It combines high flexibility the flat belt with first-class power transmission V-belt. There are many types of timing belts depending on material, from way which are made ,also and speed, when they can used .Timing belts are used in combination with appropriate washers and rolls that fit the profile and size of the strap. Variator belts This belt are adjust automatically to the dial, thereby allowing a wide variety of gear and gear ratio. On the other hand strength is prerequisite for long life and resistance to high loads. Special serrated surface increases flexibility and ensure a significant reduction in operating temperature. Strenuous transverse rigidity prevents twisting of the strap in the washer. The even tickness on the surface ensures smooth movement.