Conveyor belts   The conveyor belts which offerd EA Systems Ltd. are produce from the leaders of the world market AMERAAL BELTECH, KAUMAN, FENNER DUNLOP, ETi BANT. Depending on the type of transported product is determined the type of conveyor belt material: aggregates, metal pieces, earth pieces, asphalt - are used rubber conveyor belts, abrasion-resistant, high temperature and chemical reagents dough, food, meat, semimanufactured goods - are used PVC and РU belts, certified by FDA and HACCP fish, fish products, products containing fats, palm oil and products that have salt in them or raw meat - are used РU belts with FDA certificate for all types of packaged products in cartons, sacks, PVC packaging etc. - are used PVC belts, antistatic.   Copyright © 2012 EA Systems Ltd. All rights reserved.
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